Julia, Our Super Awesome Monday Morning Hero!

Hello, I’m Julia Hesse. I am currently the Visitor Services Coordinator at the Muse Knoxville, a children’s art and science museum located in Chilhowee Park. I received my bachelors degree in 2014 in history with a minor in political science. During my undergrad, I had my first real introduction into human rights violations, including genocides, violence against women in developing countries, and human trafficking. Although, I now work with a nonprofit that aims to provide access to art and science education to everyone, I have wanted to pursue working directly with human rights. I was at a UTK lecture last year that I first heard of the Community Coalition Against Human Trafficking when CCAHT presented with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

During my time in school and even now when listening to the news, it seems as though human rights violations were a concern internationally and there was nothing I could do to stop it or even make a dent in the problem. I had to change my perspective to see that we have organizations like CCAHT who are making a change and any bit of help they provide only furthers their progress. I love spending my Monday mornings in the CCAHT office working on a variety of projects.

Note from CCAHT: Julia is our super awesome monday morning hero! Every Monday she comes to the office to help with, what we would consider, the most important work that someone can do for our organization. Julia came to CCAHT and simply said, “whatever you need, I’ve got you”. THAT is why she is our super awesome monday morning hero! Thanks for all you do, Julia! You rock!