Look who’s back: Lisa Bolton joins the CCAHT team!

Hello all. I’m Lisa Bolton. I graduated with my MSSW in May which makes me a certified social worker through and through. I have a certificate in human service management but honestly, what does that even mean? Many of you may recognize me because I have been with CCAHT as an intern and then as a volunteer. (They just can’t get rid of me.) Now, I’m the program coordinator and I’m very excited to be on board. 

I first heard about human trafficking when I was 16 through my church. My pastor was talking about the realities of human trafficking and how we cannot sweep this issue under the rug. I went home and told my mother who decided to do some research herself. (Shout out to my Mom, Kim – You the real MVP!) She found a group called The Knoxville Coalition and they were having a meeting at a local church. We went together and I heard the horrors of HT and felt very overwhelmed. I walked away feeling heavy and burdened. I tried to ignore my feelings but was unable to walk away unchanged. At the young age of 16, I knew that I would never stop telling people about HT and that I would do everything in my power to help the counter-trafficking movement. I started telling everyone I knew about HT and then purchased “slave-free” items for Christmas gifts for my family. I read articles and books so that I could stay updated. At that time I had no idea that I would someday become a social worker with a career in the counter-trafficking field. I have come all this way because someone in my community decided that HT needed to be talked about and shared with everyone. That is why today I am so passionate about educating others and sharing with our community active steps toward helping in the counter-trafficking movement.

Fun facts: I love public speaking (duh), jazz, classical cars, instant photography, my fur babies, my hubba hubba husband, naps, spending time outdoors, and of course the one and only that set my life into motion, Jesus Christ.