R4TL Knoxville: 24 Ways To Get Involved

1. Request a speaker and host your own human trafficking awareness discussion (small group, book club, neighborhood association, etc).

2. Make a donation and financially support anti-trafficking efforts in East TN.

3. Check your slavery footprint by visiting slaveryfootprint.org.

4. Donate items to support survivors of human trafficking (new or gently used clothing, toiletries, hygiene products, blankets, etc).

5. Talk to your children about staying safe on the internet (see ccaht.org/yay-internet for tips).

6. Volunteer! Both CCAHT and Street Hope thrive with the help of volunteers.

7. Add the Human Trafficking Resource Hotline number to your phone: (855) 558-6484.

8. Demand “No Demand.” Speak up and let people know that purchasing sex and consuming pornography both support a culture of exploitation.

9. Stay informed. Follow anti-trafficking organizations like CCAHT and Street Hope on social media or sign up to receive their newsletters.

10. Read! There are tons of great books to read if you want to learn more about human trafficking. Check out this great reading list for suggestions.

11. Double check that coffee you are buying is fair trade.

12. Talk to your local legislators about the importance of laws that help hold perpetrators accountable and help connect victims with resources.

13. Volunteer with organizations that work with at-risk populations, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Amachi, etc).

14. Shop fair trade for birthday gifts and presents/encourage local vendors to source fair trade products.

15. Have a anti-trafficking movie night and watch a film that shows the reality of the issue and celebrates the courage of survivors.

16. Talk to your children about what healthy relationships look like and educate them on ways to show love and respect to others.

17. Organize a bake sale or lemonade sale or craft sale – or any ‘sale’ to raise funds in support of ending modern-day slavery.

18. Incorporate human trafficking information into your professional associations’ conferences, trainings, manuals, etc.

19. Set up a Google alter to receive current human trafficking news.

20. If you own a business, provide internships, job skills training, and/or jobs to trafficking survivors.

21. It takes so much to make anti-trafficking efforts thrive. Do you have a special skill or talent? If so, put that to good use by giving your time and talents to support this mission.

22. Give a truly life-changing gift for birthdays or holidays this year. Make a donation in honor of someone you love instead of buying that coffee mug or that extra pair of socks. We all have enough socks.

23. Match your gift. Does your employer have a matching gift program that can double your donation? If not, or if you own your own business encourage your company to develop a matching gift program to make a greater collective impact.

24. Get the word out. The more people that know about trafficking, the more victims we can identify and the more perpetrators we can hold accountable. Join a Speakers Bureau and help be an advocate for freedom.


GrowFreetn.org   |   info@growfreetn.org    |    (865CCAHT.org236-1046

StreetHopeTN.org    |    info@streethopetn.org    |    (865) 951-0268